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Because food is a GROWING concern

People or Planes


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Over 43 years ago, 30 sq. miles of prime farmland were expropriated for an airport that was never built. On June 11, 2013, the federal government announced it would proceed with the airport after all.

But by July 11, 2015, over half the Lands had been given to the Rouge National Urban Park. Those farms will stay farms!

On July 31, Dr Gary Polonsky was appointed as an independent advisor to study the economic development potential of the remaining Lands, including a possible airport, and report back to Ottawa in June 2016.

Pave prime farmland? It's not wise and it's not right. We can't let it happen.

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Factsheet on the draft Pickering Airport Zoning Regulations (PASZR)

Our Research Paper on Wildlife Sanctuary vs Wildlife Control

Our Research Paper on the PASZR

Transport Canada's draft Pickering Airport
Zoning Regulation (PASZR)

Please participate in the public comment
process. It's important!

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UPDATE newsletter #26

September issue. Read about the PASZR
public comment period here!

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