Land Over Landings:  Vacant Homes gallery

  • Bentley-Carruthers
    One of the finest homes in Pickering, the architecture of the Bentley-Carruthers house alone makes it worthy of heritage designation, doubly so because it was the location of the "Last Stand" by POP that stopped the airport.
  • Victorian house
    An imposing late Victorian house in Brougham. Note new windows
  • Farmhouse
    In any season the mature maples are stunning, and the house itself is a charming example of 19th Ontario architecture. This sylvan sanctuary was occupied and beautifully maintained until this fall.
  • Farmhouse
    Just minutes from the 407, a sweet house on a country lot in a village setting -- perfect for a young family or Toronto commuter. The previous tenants simply moved and the charming house was immediately boarded up.
  • Farmhouse
    Only a few years ago, a magnificent farmhouse and grounds. Within weeks the eavestroughs had been stripped.
  • Farmhouse with stone work
    THe stone work remains perfect on this handsome farmhouse, complete with barns.
  • Village home
    A charming village home in Brougham, left empty for years.
  • Altona home
    Extensive work was done on this lovely home in Altona -- much of it after the last tenant moved out.
  • Dream house
    Someone's dream house in the country, built just a few years before expropriation.
  • Evergreen Villa
    Evergreen Villa can be seen on the History page in its former glory. Site of first POP meeting.
  • Government reno
    Completely renovated by the government, inside and out. Vacant for a decade.
  • Handsome house
    Handsome house with lots of detail. In beautiful condition only a few years ago.
  • Family home
    For a quarter century, a happy family home. Tenants evicted in 2004; vacant ever since.
  • Markham home
    Solid house with new windows, roof and other repairs. Vacant in Markham.
  • Heritage structure
    A significant heritage structure. Note upper window propped open by vandals.
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