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Take Action!


Governments are susceptible to public pressure, whether through direct communication, via the ballot box, or from media exposure.

There are many ways to oppose this irresponsible plan to build an airport and industry on our best food land. Here are some:

1.  Phone your Member of Parliament and state your opposition to this plan.

2.  Print out and sign our new petition. New federal government, new petition, so although you may have signed our petition in the past, it is now closed and we start all over. PLEASE SIGN THIS ONE! And friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours to sign it too.
This is a petition to the House of Commons, so the rules are strict. It is a paper petition (online petitions are not accepted). Follow the instructions on the petition. Do not change it in any way. Sign in ink, not pencil. The petition you send must contain a minimum of one signature.

3.  Write letters to editors or comment online if blogs or articles promote an airport or development on this prime farmland.

4.  Write letters to government officials at all levels.

Contact Members of Parliament (particularly those representing the areas in question), or those ministers and their critics responsible for Transport, Finance, the Environment, or Agriculture, and the Prime Minister himself. E-mail addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses can be obtained at Letters sent by mail to Ottawa do not require postage.

The following is a sample letter that can be cut and pasted into an e-mail or printed and used verbatim. We encourage you to add your own words, thoughts, opinions, or facts.



I am writing to you to urge the federal government to cancel its plans for an airport in Pickering and for non-agricultural development there, except in areas that cannot be farmed. The land that was expropriated in 1972 is almost entirely Class 1 agricultural land, the most productive there is. It must be preserved as a secure source of local food for Canada's largest urban centre. Keeping these lands agricultural will also help keep our air healthy and our water supply clean. Future generations will be the victims or the beneficiaries of the decisions made today. Please think of that future and do the right thing. Save the Federal Lands!

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5.  Display Lawn Signs:Land Over Landings lawn signs will show your support for the cause! Signs are 18" x 24" coreplast. You can order NO PICKERING AIRPORT! in red and black on white or the Land Over Landings logo in green and black on white. Or order both! All signs include stakes and hardware and are $15 each. Additional donations are very welcome!

6.  Contact us to learn other ways you can help save the land.

Phone: 905-649-2433